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Demanding Results

The marketing world, especially digital marketing, poses a significant challenge for business owners in various sectors. Whether one is a business owner focused on profits or an organization director focused on reaching defined objectives, there is a sense of an unreasonable gap between financial investment and marketing outcomes, and this sense is not far from reality.

We have engaged in entrepreneurship, branding, and project management for over 14 years. During this time, we have each individually and as a team gone through a comprehensive learning process, gaining experience in various key components that lead to success.


Empathy Process and Pre-Sale Process

Listening that leads to sales is the first process in our shared work. The secret lies in the shared language that encompasses the process, from the initial spark of a raw idea, dream, or vision, through the stages of development, formulation of the idea, and starting to build the presale process. The empathy process serves as our gateway into the organization. It is not disconnected from clear objectives that converge into numbers and successes in the field. True and deep understanding stems from skill and accumulated experience in listening, internalizing, and building the dream.

Success Story

When Tal approached us with the sentence “It’s very complicated,” we understood we were in the right place. Indeed, at that stage we were unfamiliar with the field of professional running, relay races, marathons, and ultramarathons. We were thrilled to seize the opportunity to challenge ourselves. The result is shown in this short video.


Strategy and Roadmap

Professor Seymour Fox, who was the head of the School of Education at the Hebrew University, would place a dot at the edge of the room, declare “We want to get there”, and then ask“,  How do we get there?”. The way we approach a vision is to first define what the vision is and then ask how we can reach it. One who knows this will find the way to reach it.

This stage is quite challenging! Honestly, it can be said that after cracking this challenge, many projects continue to move forward towards success without almost any external assistance.

A success story from Eliav

This is another story of a young entrepreneur who entered his parents’ business and was searching for his place. His family immigrated to Israel from the United States. From their perspective, the next stage was to market the product abroad, but the business did not take off. We identified a barrier, perhaps psychological, and possibly the need for the start of a marketing idea. The solution was very simple: we bought the flight ticket for him, added the products to our sales booth at a conference we attended, and the business started to flourish.


Managing the Project towards Success

A perfect diamond isn’t hard to sell; it sells itself, and probably doesn’t need a sales team. A good project consists of several necessary components: entrepreneurship, a strategic process for building and defining the vision, planning, execution, and, of course, a stroke of luck. Often only at the end of a project can we assess the significance of each component. Nevertheless, we aspire for satisfaction to felt in the intermediate stages as well. The choice between agile management and traditional, project management, which may be rigid, will be follow the empathy process. We identify the forces within the organization and build the stages appropriate for moving forward. We decide on the steps to take in accordance with the character of the organization and its employees, the project’s goals, the product, the relevant world of content, and other pertinent factors.

Managerial Flexibility

The COVID-19 pandemic caught us all unprepared. One might think it would be possible to be prepared for such a situation. When I was a student, I got to know Machon Shipur (the Improvement Institute), which assists people with professional advice and guidance and with integration into the work world. In one moment, the world stopped, and there was great fear of the unknown. A significant component of anxieties present at the time was the unknown, especially in the field of employment. The company itself faced a double problem, for both its employees and the thousands of employment seekers who even before the pandemic were in a complicated situation.

We all mobilized: the digital, content, website construction, and storytelling staff. Within a short time that included the springtime Jewish holidays of Purim and Passover, we built an online training system, marketing for digital courses, and courses adapted to the new situation.


Feedback and Monitoring

We will be here tomorrow because today too we did not look at the clock to see when this day would end. Nevertheless, the realization that this is our work was not self-evident. We are in an ongoing process that centers around perseverance, understanding that there is daily progress, dialogue, learning, specialization, and a great deal of attention and humility in the face of reality. The permanent and temporary staff, each in their own field, bring to the table their professional capabilities, and as a group that learns and thinks together, the staff examines every new initiative and project from various angles to receive the richest possible picture for you.

The curators of the programs for Jewish education in the Diaspora

a few years ago, the Hirsch Foundation for Jewish Education in the Diaspora chose us to manage on its behalf its pedagogical center for the Diaspora. Like art curators who identify for whom and when an exhibit is appropriate, we too, curators of curricula, identify pedagogic need, research, find the relevant curricular, and propose the most appropriate curriculum for schools from throughout the Jewish world. Our advantage is in our perseverance, continual dialogue with practitioners, and familiarity with the most current research in the field. The intensive engagement with this topic brought us to the professional level that enables us to share our wealth of experience with many teachers from all over the world.


Presence in the Field

Presence in the field means conducting a sales call at 9 AM. It means active representation in the morning hours for a variety of time zones, from the East to the western United States, from Greenwich Mean Time to Israel. It is also the ability to get on a plane and reach any location necessary. It is true that technological progress and COVID-19 created a different situation and many people want to know that you are in New York and then meet via Zoom to avoid traffic…we have learned from experience that clients in the United States (and others) very much want to feel that we are with them on the same continent—even if not physically, at least in understanding the business and cultural language. And therefore? What do you offer for this?

Learning from Everyone

This building can be seen even from a distance on 56th Street in Manhattan. The land it sits on was sold a short time before the 2008 high-tech crash. If we were the ones who sold the property, we might have been in a different place. But we are eager to learn. We met this client in a project we ran in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, and then he left. He left everything and moved to Manhattan, where he lived in a small, less convenient apartment, not to mention the New York weather compared to the sunny climate of California. But one thing was clear to him and is now clear to us: one cannot buy or sell real estate without living 3–5 years in a city. You can’t argue with success.


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